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Simple Strength is a new book about developing efficiency of movement through practice and training – all while using only three basic human movements: the push up, the squat, and the back bend.
With over a hundred exercises, all with detailed instruction and images, you’ll feel fully supported throughout the entire book.
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About the Book

Simple Strength is a book about developing efficiency of movement through practice and training of the three basic human movements, the push up, the squat, and the back bend.

There are over 100 variations of exercises in the book, with pictures of each exercise and select video demonstrations. Provided are also some sample programs so that you can implement the exercises immediately.

“Simple Strength solves the problem of time and place. With the exercises provided, you can perform them anywhere, anytime.”
“These movements are complex in nature, but so simple to integrate into training.”
“Mercedes shows some great variations of each exercise, some that I have never attempted before. I also really like the photos of the exercises in the book.”

About the Author

Mercedes is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based out of Seattle, Washington. She received her Masters in Human Movement and first started working with climbers of all abilities, including elite level/competition climbers in Colorado. Currently she runs specialized performance programs specifically designed for climbers and alpinists in Seattle. She also trains an array of outdoor athletes online, helping them reach their goals with accountability and efficiency.

Mercedes has an extensive background as an elite level athlete, competing in tennis at the collegiate and semi-pro level, as well as a climber competing in ABS Nationals. Her program design not only comes from experience, but more importantly, from research. She believes in solid progressions and individualization of her programs, ensuring continued successes for her clients.

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